Chapter Officers 2019


Chapter Directors  Virgil & Connie Booker 217-801-8814
Assistant Chapter Director  Wayne & Shirley Schmidt  email
Couple of the Year  Rick & Maggie Filson 217-899-7113  email
MEC  Callie Morgan  781-412-4726  email
Treasurer  Kathleen Rondi  217-835-2587  email
MAP Coordinator  Wayne & Shirley Schmidt  email
Ride Coordinator  Bill Morgan  217-324-6926  email
Road Captain  Bill Morgan  217-324-6926  email
Road Captain  Ed Essen  217-825-8337  email
Road Captain  Rick French  618-791-6912  email
Road Captain  Virgil Booker  217-801-8814  email
Road Captain  Connie Booker  217-416-6633  email
Chapter Historian  Sue Roberts  email
Scrapbook  Callie Morgan  781-412-4726  email
 Scrapbook  Ruth Ann Dikis  email
Social Media
 Bill Morgan
 217-324-6926  email